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More informationen about Wahre Kunst:
  objective       www.wahre-kunst.de is a non-commercial platform for presenting art. Its simple aim is to use the internet to reach a larger circle of "visitors" for its exhibitions, and to enable them to view and enjoy artworks. One important motivation for this results from the observeation that within the last years the pleasure of viewing artworks more and more has been neglected due to commercialization, the run for short-lived trends and hypes, and increasing superficiality in aspects of culture. By this, the joy of life and positive power, that results from viewing art, more and more falls into oblivion. www.wahre-kunst.de wants to work against this trend.

More art and culture:
  hyperlinks       In the following you find a list of hyperlinks related to art and culture. Please note: Those links provide you with access by hypertext links to external web sites. Any such access is provided with the understanding that the contents of external sites are beyond the control of www.wahre-kunst.de. www.wahre-kunst.de makes no representations whatsoever about such sites, and that users shall proceed at their own risk.
        :: Artworks of Maximilian Lückenhaus
        :: Aspekte - web-site of the ZDF culture magazine (german television)
        :: web-site of the ARD culture magazines (german television)

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