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Informationen regarding this virtual exhibition space

The world flattens more and more. Terms get washed out. Perception becomes wasted.
To be an antipode to this "ocean" of quick and unscrupulous commercialisation of all human existence is the aim of this website - a virtual exhibition place for art. Art, standing for itself, not needing any commercialisation, not subordinated any investor or ideology.
Simply art to be viewed! True art.

The virtual exhibition space is dynamically!
  It gets extended, changed and re-arranged step by step.

  www.wahre-kunst.de c/o Maximilian Lückenhaus

via e-mail: info@wahre-kunst.de
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Privacy statement:
We respect your privacy and handle all private data confidentially with greatest care. While accessing pages of this website some identification and related data (such as IP address, date, time, accessed pages) are stored on our Internet-provider's server. These data are solely used for internal statistical evaluation after anonymization in order to optimize the presented information of our website to the needs of our visitors. The data are not provided to any third party.
No "cookies" are stored on your computer while accessing our website.

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